datum: 03.08.2021

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AP U.S. Government & Politics Online

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2 semestry

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10 - 13


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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"Lights, Camera, Action."..Prepare to study the intricacies of the American Political Culture. The script is written and the actors participate daily in the drama of American politics. Students will be "on location" to delve into primary source documents. They will go behind the scenes with stars such as the President, Congress men and women, and Supreme Court Justices. Students will research the roles of the media, political parties, interest groups, states, candidates, bureaucracy, and the public in the governmental process. Finally, students will witness the large- scale production of policy building in the areas of economic/social policy, foreign policy and public administration.

Topics include:

This course gives students an analytical perspective on American government and politics that prepares them to take the AP US Government and Politics exam.

Study materials (e-books, DiscoveryEducation, etc. ...) for FLVS Global courses are INCLUDED in the price of the course.


Struktura kurzu

Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics is a college level course designed to give the student an analytical perspective of government and politics in America. Course content will begin with foundations of United States Government, progress into an analysis of political beliefs and why Americans behave as they do and the impact of the media. This course includes an intensive focus on the four government institutions followed by a study of civil rights and civil liberties in America, their evolution through judicial interpretation and the evolving role of the 14th amendment on American’ s civil rights and liberties. The course will culminate with a breakdown of how public policy is created and the linkages between the political process, political parties, interest groups and elections. The course requires familiarity with the various institutions groups belies, and ideas that constitute U.S. politics. Students will gain knowledge through a variety of theoretical perspectives and explanations.

Student assessment occurs at a variety of levels throughout the course. Students are assessed via oral examination and other synchronous sessions. Actual course assessment types include student assessed work, auto-graded, partially auto-graded, and totally instructor graded assignments.

This course is designed to be highly teacher facilitated. Instructors give a great deal of specific and timely feedback. Students have opportunities for oral examinations, discussions, and whiteboard sessions. Teachers conduct synchronous elluminate sessions, which require critical thinking and analysis of articles, tables, data, free- response questions, and general discussion.


Students successfully completing this course will:

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We the People eBook, Norton and Companye-Bookincluded in the price of the course


cena kurzu: 15 900,- Kč / 652,- EUR

Zkušenosti studentů

I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the course, not only for guiding me to the AP Exam, but also for broadening my horizons in my beloved academic field. To take part in it was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my school years. Thanks to everyone who provided the course to Czech students!

Martin P., 2020