datum: 03.08.2021

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Physics Honors Online

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2 semesters

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8 - 10


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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We stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether by observation, experimentation or brilliant insight, the progress of physics through the centuries has been advanced by scientific geniuses who wanted to know how things work. Students will find out for themselves when they take this course and visit “Physics World.”

In each “Physics World” module, students discover the contributions of geniuses like Galileo, Newton and Einstein. In their work, students learn the concepts, theories, and laws that govern the interaction of matter, energy and forces. From tiny atoms to galaxies with millions of stars, the universal laws of physics are there for you to observe and apply. Using laboratory activities, videos, software, and websites, students will follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

This is a serious course that will make students think. It will also make them appreciate the beauty and importance of the science that governs their lives.

Study materials (e-books, Discovery Education, etc. ...) for FLVS Global courses are INCLUDED in the price of the course.

Struktura kurzu

Study Scope and Sequence

Module 01: Galileo Gardens

                  ·  Introduction to Graphing 

                  ·  Graphing Techniques 

                  ·  Graphing Data 

                  ·  Exploring Graph Line Shapes 

                  ·  Graphs and Equations 

                  ·  Analyzing Graphs 

                  ·  Measurement 

                  · Vernier Caliper

Module 02: Kepler Kingdom

                  ·  Speed 

                  ·  Problem-Solving Methods 

                  ·  Motion Graphics 

                  ·  World in Motion 

                  ·  Scalar and Vector Quantities 

                  ·  Manipulating Equations 

                  ·  Velocity 

                  ·  Linear Motion 

                  ·  Acceleration 

Module 03: Newton’s Nook

                  ·  Newton’s First Law 

                  ·  Paul Hewitt’s Concept Development 

                  ·  Newton’s Second Law 

                  ·  Newton’s Third Law 

                  ·  Particle Accelerator 

                  ·  Fundamental Forces 

                  ·  Mass and Weight 

                  ·  Universal Gravitation and Coulomb’s Law 

                  ·  Force Diagram 

                  ·  Uniform Circular Motion 

Module 04: Joule’s Jungle

                  ·  Measuring Temperature 

                  ·  Absolute Zero 

                  ·  Introduction to Heat 

                  ·  Thermal Energy 

                  ·  KE&GPE 

                  ·  Work and Power 

                  ·  Mechanical Energy 

                  ·  Hooke’s Law 

Module 05: Faraday Follies

                  ·  Conductors 

                  ·  Circuit Builders 

                  ·  Bulb Basics 

                  ·  Electric Fields and Forces 

                  ·  Wanda Wire and the Compass 

                  ·  Capacitor Basics 

                  ·  Chandra Charge 

                  ·  Schematic School 

                  ·  Air Resistance 

                  ·  DC Circuits 

                  ·  Series and Parallel Circuits 

                  ·  Lorenzo Light Bulbs 

Module 06: Maxwell Mountain

                  ·  Simple Harmonic Motion 

                  ·  Sand Pendulum 

                  ·  Introduction to Waves 

                  ·  Tsunamis 

                  ·  Introduction to Ray Diagram Vocabulary and Variable 

                  ·  Ray Tracing Steps for Convex Lenses and Concave Mirrors 

                  ·  The Lens and Mirror Equation 

                  ·  Refraction 

                  ·  Snell’s Law 

                  ·  Wave Diffraction and Interference 

                  ·  Wave Phenomena 

Module 07: Einstein’s Falls

                   Atomic Models 

                  ·  Atomic Theory 

                  ·  Atoms and Molecules 

                  ·  Fundamental Particles 

                  ·  Duality of Light 

                  ·  Photoelectric Effect 

                  ·  Light Quanta 

                  ·  Mass Defect and Binding Energy 

                  ·  Radiation and Radioactivity 

                  ·  Radioactive Dating 

                  ·  Radioisotopes 

                  ·  Nuclear Fission versus Nuclear Fusion 

                  ·  Special Relativity 

                  ·  Cosmology 

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Lab MaterialsLab Materialprovided by student
Graphical Analysis 3.8.4 for Windows and Mac OSX SoftwareSoftwarefree download


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