datum: 03.08.2021

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Physical Science Honors Online

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2 semesters

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8 - 10


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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This course is designed as an interactive, 21st century course focusing on basic physics and chemistry. Topics include forces and motion, energy through waves, electricity and magnetism, the matter around us, chemical bonding and reactions.

This course is designed to serve as a foundation for the study of the physical sciences. The utilization of scientific inquiry, web 2.0 tools, interactive experiences, higher order thinking, collaborative projects, real world application through labs and a variety of assessments all aid the student in ultimately demonstrating a vast understanding of the importance of the physical and chemical properties of the world around them; enabling them to apply these properties to their everyday lives.

Study materials (e-books, Discovery Education, etc. ...) for FLVS Global courses are INCLUDED in the price of the course.

Struktura kurzu

Study Scope and Sequence

Module 01: Motion

Module 02: Waves

Module 03: Electricity

Module 04: Classifying Matter

                  ·  Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration 

                  ·  The Laws of Motion 

                  ·  Forces in Action 

                  ·  Energy 

                  · Work and Power

                  ·  Waves 

                  ·  Sound 

                  ·  The Electromagnetic Spectrum 

                  ·  Science and You 

                  ·  Electrical Charges 

                  ·  Electric Current 

                  ·  Circuits 

                  ·  Electromagnetism 

                  ·  Energy Resources 

                  ·  Human Impacts on the Environment 

                  ·  States of Matter 

                  ·  Classifying Matter 

                  ·  Properties of Matter 

                  ·  Atomic Theory 

                  ·  Atomic Mass 

                  ·  The Periodic Table 

Module 05: Chemical Properties

                  ·  Electrons and Bonding 

                  ·  Ionic and Covalent Bonds 

                  ·  Chemical Formulas 

                  ·  Hydrogen Hydroxide 

                  ·  Acids and Bases 

Module 06: Reactions

                  ·  Chemical Reactions 

                  ·  Classifying Chemical Reactions 

                  ·  Chemical Reactions and Energy 

                  ·  Reaction Rates and Temperature Laboratory 

                  ·  Radioactivity 

                  ·  Nuclear Reactions 

                  · Impact of Biotechnology

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