datum: 01.12.2020

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Algebra II Honors Online

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2 semesters

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9 - 13


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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It’s time to finish what you started. In Algebra I, you learned that algebra is an efficient way to solve some real-world problems. You also acquired the power to do a lot of the important basic work. Now, after a quick review, you’ll be ready to tackle Algebra IB. 

This course works like the last one. You’ll get step-by-step instructions with all the numbers, equations, and graphs on the screen right in front of you. You’ll also have plenty of time to practice and plenty of opportunities to ask your teacher for help. Along with learning new algebraic strategies and properties, you’ll learn data analysis concepts and techniques. You’ll also see how algebra connects with other high school subjects like geometry, statistics and biology.

These courses will also give you a powerful tool for understanding how the world works, and how to make it work for you.

 Instructor Daniel says:

The Algebra 2 course is a huge step for aspiring young future scientists and engineers in their mathematical knowledge. It is a bridge from simple arithmetics to advanced topics such as exponential and logarithmic functions, statistical modelling or trigonometry. On the way, you may learn for example about a branch of numbers which are not real but they are crucial to the real world as we know it! For the entire course an instructor will be at hand for you to answer any questions that you may have and to provide you with real-life examples to stimulate your interest in the subject. Thus, you may calculate together how long it will take before the Chernobyl area returns to a safe level of radiation, or try to figure out as many ways as possible of obtaining the golden ratio in geometry, nature and mathematical sequences.

Many of the students gain their motivation and confidence in Algebra 2 to continue exploring math and science in advanced AP courses, such as AP Calculus BC or AP Physics. And I am sure that the course can spark this joy in you as well! See you there!

Daniel Demovič, CTM Online Instructor

Study materials (e-books, Discovery Education, etc. ...) for FLVS Global courses are INCLUDED in the price of the course.


Struktura kurzu

Study Scope and Sequence

Segment I Concepts

Module 1

                  ·  Algebra 1 Review 

                  ·  Introduction to Functions 

                  ·  Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities 

                  ·  Writing the Equation of a Line 

                  ·  Comparing Functions 

Module 2 

                  ·  Rational Exponents 

                  ·  Properties of Rational Exponents 

                  ·  Solving Radical Equations 

                  ·  Complex Numbers 

                  ·  Operations of Complex Numbers 

Module 3 

                  ·  Review of Polynomials 

                  ·  Polynomial Operations 

                  ·  Greatest Common Factors and Special Products 

                  ·  Factoring by Grouping 

                  ·  Sum and Difference of Cubes 

                  ·  Graphing Quadratics 

                  ·  Completing the Square 

                  ·  Solving Quadratic Equations 

                  ·  Solving Quadratic Equations with Complex Solutions 

                  ·  Investigating Quadratics 

Module 4 

                  ·  Polynomial Long Division 

                  ·  Polynomial Synthetic Division 

                  ·  Theorems of Algebra 

                  ·  Rational Root Theorem 

                  ·  Solving Polynomial Equations 

                  ·  Graphing Polynomial Equations 

                  ·  Polynomial Identities and Proofs 

Module 5 

                  ·  Simplifying Rational Expressions 

                  ·  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions 

                  ·  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions 

                  ·  Simplifying Complex Fractions 

                  ·  Discontinuities of Rational Expressions 

                  ·  Asymptotes of Rational Functions 

                  ·  Solving Rational Equations 

                  ·  Applications of Rational Equations 
Segment II Concepts 

Module 6 

                  ·  Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically 

                  ·  Solving Systems of Non-Linear Equations 

                  ·  Graphing Systems of Linear Equations 

                  ·  Graphing Systems of Non-Linear Equations 

Module 7 

                  ·  Exponential Functions 

                  ·  Logarithmic Functions 

                  ·  Properties of Logarithms 

                  ·  Solving Exponential Equations with Unequal Bases 

                  ·  Graphing Exponential Functions 

                  ·  Graphing Logarithmic Functions 

                  ·  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 

Module 8 

                  ·  Arithmetic Sequences 

                  ·  Arithmetic Series 

                  ·  Geometric Sequences 

                  ·  Geometric Series 

                  ·  Sigma Notation 

                  ·  Infinite, Convergent, and Divergent Series 

                  ·  Graphing Series 

Module 9 

                  ·  Events and Outcomes in a Sample Space 

                  ·  Independent Probabilities 

                  ·  Conditional Probability 

                  ·  Normal Distribution 

                  ·  Models of Populations 

                  ·  Using Surveys 

                  ·  Using Experiments 

Module 10 

                  ·  Introduction to the Unit Circle 

                  ·  Unit Circle and the Coordinate Plane 

                  ·  Trigonometric Functions with Periodic Phenomena 

                  ·  Pythagoras, Trigonometry, and Quadrants 

                  ·  Functions of All Types 


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