datum: 19.06.2021

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Start with Coding 1a: Introduction

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6 - 8 (Junior Program)


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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For Beginners in Coding: Learn all about the technology you use in your day-to-day life and explore how the internet functions through this introduction to coding. Build your knowledge of algorithms, programming constructs, and program design to create your own code. Discover how to solve problems with code while dabbling with turtle graphics, Tynker and Python to begin your journey into this exciting field! You will leave the course with your very own portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and all that you’ve created. The course is for beginners, from 6-8th grade. Students are recommended to study on average about 2 hours per week. If you already have some experience in programming, contact us, tell us what you know and what you expect. We will help you find the right course for you.


Recomended course sequence:
Introduction to Programming in Scratch - Start with Coding - Coding –– Foundations of Programming – Procedural Programming – AP Computer Science A – AP Computer Science Principles

Struktura kurzu

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Crack the Code!

Unit 2: There’s Nothing “Soft” about Software!

Unit 3: Let’s Play!

Unit 4: It’s All Greek to Me!

Unit 5: Snake Charmer

Unit 6: Flexing Our Python Muscles! 

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cena kurzu: 10 190,- Kč / 418,- EUR

Zkušenosti studentů

I think that this course was really great. It was my first course from CTM. The UI of the app was really intuitive and I had no problems with finding stuff that I need. The format was great. We started with some teoretical knowledge and make some first lines of python. I was just a bit sad, because this course picked my parents for me and maybe if I will be on my own I will pick something harder to encourage me enough. All thought, the countent was pretty good and the structure of each module was not bad.

The tooling that we use in the course is awesome. I would maybe continue using some of them, because it makes sence to have sometimes web-based applications, s by that I can access them from anywhere at anytime.

I liked the CTM communicates in english with is in my opinion better language then czech, so I liked that. The marks are well set and rather then just marks like in school, then mean something more then just a grade. I would thank all of you for this superb course and can't wait for me next course here in CTM. The AP exams are looking pretty good. So see you later!

Adam S., 2021

I enjoyed this CTM course. This isn't my first one but definitely the best one. I really liked the communication with my teacher. The format of the course was fine, I have never had big problems understanding what I should do. The content was mostly exciting although there was a time when I didn't enjoy it as much. I enjoyed the python part the most. It was really exciting to finally learn a text-based language. The assessments were well constructed and I understand them well (in my opinion). I am definitely going to sign up for another CTM course because I really enjoy learning new things. I think these CTM courses are a great experience and a good startup for future growth in my programming skills.

Antonín R., 2021

I really enjoyed this course. I like the format od this course because it is really understandable and simple. I really liked the content of the course, because we learned first in block-based programming software and then text-based.  The assessments were great, but sometimes it is not necessary to submit it with .docx file. I really enjoyed this course and I like, how fast is the communication when I'm not able to submit homework.

Harry D., 2021

Structure of course is fine. Theory, practises, quizes and discussions. Maybe one discussion could be enough. Some questions were repeated in quizes.

In first half there was too much boring theory. Flash cards were very good for learning. I like external apps for practising Python and databases. Feedback from lector is very useful and helpful. Overall I can recommend this course to anyone and I am about to attend the next one. :-)

Jan B., 2021

I think that the course was amazing. It was my second course from CTM and this one was much better. I liked how we progressed. Everything was clear and organized, whenever I needed to find something it was in the course or easily found on google.

I enjoyed the assessments as they were not boring but fun to complete and interesting. What I didn't like the most were quizzes. Some of the questions were delusional and hard to understand.  The lector was amazing and I thank him for guiding me through this course. In the end, I loved the course and I can't wait for the next one to start.

Tomáš P., 2021

When we first started, I was really happy with the course. But as we were progressing, I was like "So, when are we gonna make some actual code?“ And then the train of disappointment that is Unit 3 hit me. When I found out that we were gonna make code in Tynker, I was completely disappointed in this course. I don't really like block-based programming, because in my opinion it doesn't give the developer as much satisfaction and I think that it's not as powerful as text-based programming.

Now that I finished this course, I'm really happy with what it was. Sure, my disappointment wasn't fully extinguished (<- that was a metaphor) but it was pretty good. It can really introduce someone who doesn't know what programming is to programming.

I think that the assesments were fair and balanced. Not much to say here.

I really like that we used Repl.it in Unit 5-6 because it introduced me to an IDE that is really good and it's hosted on public servers, so make a Repl, find a pinging service (I reccomend UpTimeRobot) and bam. You can have a public website, program, whatever. I personally use Repl.it for Discord bots now and it's really good that Repl.it has a built in forum so if you have no idea how to solve something, just ask there! And you can also link your GitHub account (which I did) and import your GitHub repo to Repl.it.

Also, also, next time, 👏 don't 👏 introduce 👏 participants 👏 to text-based programming 👏 so 👏 late.

Martin P., 2021