datum: 28.11.2020

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Middle School Coding 1a: Introduction

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6 - 8 (Junior Program)


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

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Do you find yourself wondering how your favorite apps, websites, and games were made? Maybe you want to try building your own. Well, now you can! In Middle School Coding 1a, you will learn all about the technology you use in your day-to-day life as well as explore how the internet functions. Get an introduction to the basics of computer science and discover how to create and build your very own website using HTML and CSS. You’ll also become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming. You will leave the course with your very own portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and all that you’ve created.

Struktura kurzu

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Crack the Code!

Unit 2: There’s Nothing “Soft” about Software!

Unit 3: Let’s Play!

Unit 4: It’s All Greek to Me!

Unit 5: Snake Charmer

Unit 6: Flexing Our Python Muscles! 

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