datum: 19.06.2021

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Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming

Délka kurzu:

1 semester

Rok školní docházky / Grade:

8 - 10


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global

Detailní popis

Have you ever wanted to create your own program or wondered how your favorite websites were built? Maybe you want to know more about how computers and technology are affecting the world around us. In Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming, you will explore the role technology plays in our lives as well as study the fundamentals of computer science, review hardware and software, and learn how the internet functions. You will also discover how to develop your own programs and learn basic and complex commands and sequences as you become familiar with the Python programming language. This course also covers data collection methods, access rights, protocols, and security.

Recomended course sequence:
Introduction to Programming in Scratch - Start with Coding - Coding –– Foundations of Programming – Procedural Programming – AP Computer Science A – AP Computer Science Principles

If you already have some experience in programming, contact us tell us what you know and what you expect. We will help you find the right course for you.

Struktura kurzu

Major Topics and Concepts
Unit 1: Our Digital Life
Unit 2: The Big Programming Picture
Unit 3: Let’s Do Some Programming
Unit 4: The Big Process Picture
Unit 5: The Big People Picture
Unit 6: Security, Privacy & Other Issues
Unit 7: Capstone Project Part I
Unit 8: Capstone Project Part II

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cena kurzu: 10 690,- Kč / 438,- EUR

Zkušenosti studentů

Overall I really enjoyed this course, the format was OK and I definately understood most of the lessons at first go. The content was also great, I truly learned about not only coding, but also managing a team and planning my work, which is something that I did not expect to encounter when starting this course. I especially like that fact, becuase it not only allows me to explore other positions in software design, but I still use many of the graphs and charts for my progects in school and in my free time. I do wish that we did a bit more programming though, but I guess this was only a starting point for programming. The assesments I feel were well thought out, although at some times I did feel that we didnt have as much time as I would have liket, but this only boosted my time managment skills. Overall I truly learned an ecseptional amout of things for the short time that this course ran, and I feel that we are all very proud of ourselves.
Thank you for this awesome experience, and I wish only the best for you all.

Daniel B., 2021

I overall really enjoyed the course, it for sure helped my english a lot and it helped me to understand the basics of programming.

Leonard R., 2021

When I've started this course I would never ever thought that I'd say that this was an enjoyable experience, but at this point looking back at everything, I really did enjoy it. Sure it was lots of extra work and it wasn't easy, but I've learned so much that it really was worth the effort. The format was really good, it wasn't especially hard either. This was an enjoyable experience and I don't regret doing this course and it really did gave me a lot.

Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best.

Michael W., 2021